Do any of these apply to you?

“I suffer from constant fatigue and am feeling tired all the time”


“Why am I always tired?”


“I am always feeling tired.”


“I am always tired – what could be wrong?”


Lots of people are asking the same questions! In fact, constant tiredness is becoming so prevalent that it is estimated that 4 out of every 1000 adults in the United States may be affected. It is really becoming the modern plague – or maybe the plague of modern life?

There is no doubt that chronic/constant fatigue causes are related to some of the conditions of life in the 21st century – stress, highly paced lifestyles, a diet filled with processed food, smoking, alcohol, allergies….

All of these can lead to various level of fatigue – either chronic, or at least enough to turn a normally happy and well balanced person into a crabby, snappy, unproductive kill-joy who just wants to sleep the whole time. And when you do get to sleep you never seem to get enough… and always wake up tired.

Let’s take a look at the various levels and types of fatigue and what can be done to solve this problem:

‘Temporary’ tiredness caused by extraneous conditions
Examples of this are the tiredness you would experience through lack of sleep due to caring for a small baby, or through a lifestyle where you by choice get little sleep for example if you are a student who either parties a lot – or studies a lot! This type of tiredness can be extremely debilitating, especially in the case where you are caring for a baby, since you have no control over your sleep patterns at all. This can go on for months at a time and while it feels
like a never ending torture, the sleep deprivation does pass. In the case of caring for a baby, the best option is to get the baby sleep tips.

Once you have managed to get the baby to sleep through, you might find that you are still tired all the time. Your sleeping patterns might be so disturbed by the constant interruptions that you experienced over a couple of months, and the demands of caring for a baby so high that you still feel exhausted all the time. If this is the case, you should maybe check out the solution to feeling tired and getting more energy here.

Tiredness caused by Insomnia
Insomnia is a dreadful condition to suffer from! You are aching for sleep but it just eludes you. You try counting sheep, woolly mammoths, in fact, anything related to wool but soon your mind shifts to thinking about not sleeping.
Your bed, normally so inviting and cool turns into a roiling mass of sheets. You feel too cold, you feel too hot, you need to go to the bathroom. The clock mocks you, laughingly ticking off the minutes one agonizing hour after the other, while your partner sleeps in perfect bliss next to you. The agony is – should you get up and do something else, sacrificing those precious hours that you really know should be devoted to rejuvenating your body and mind through blissful sleep, or should you just try and fall asleep for another half an hour….. Obviously not being able to sleep adds to the stress of not sleeping, making you sleep even less. Obviously you are tired every day! The secret lies in managing to tap into your body’s natural sleep rhythms, and you can find out how to do that by following this sure-fire cure for insomnia, or you can sign up for some great cure insomnia tips here!

Constant Fatigue for no discernable reason
You are feeling tired the whole time, even though you have tried sleeping longer hours and might even be sleeping between 8 and 10 hours a night. More and more people are suffering from a constant feeling of tiredness, of daytime sleepiness, inability to concentrate, low energy levels, even though they do not suffer from insomnia or disturbed sleep. Now, there is a syndrome called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and you might be wondering whether you are suffering from this. The biggest problem with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is that it is very difficult to diagnose, since there is no clear-cut way of diagnosing the illness, rather, diagnosis is done through a process of elimination and by observing the symptoms. Chronic fatigue is not necessarily the same as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Chronic, or Constant Fatigue can be caused by incorrect sleeping patterns or stress, while Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is seen rather as being a separate illness – although the causes of CFS are unclear.

If you are suffering from constant fatigue, or you think you may be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it might be worth while in either case to check out the solution offered by this website to stop tiredness and sleep better – can’t do any harm, can it?